Shipping Information

Our priority is to make our purchasing process easy and
insightful for all customers. By providing the information below, we have
greatly reduced the number of freight problems we have seen in recent
years. This information applies to all e-commerce turf companies using
commercial freight. No updates have been made to any white-glove
service since 2020. We will continue to monitor alterations to see what is
viable in the future.

What to Expect from Your Delivery?

IMPORTANT: The delivery to residential address doesn't include

unloading the product from the truck.
Delivery will be curbside by all freight companies that are available to
transport artificial grass. They do not have accessories to offloading
content from the truck, nor do they provide white-glove support to the
artificial grass industry. They normally make great efforts to support,
though. While this might sound difficult task for certain customers, we ship
huge rolls from our facilities daily, and seldom do our customers have
trouble unloading rolls from the truck. If you are uncertain that a transport
truck will enter your road or your neighborhood, be ready to meet the
driver at a convenient place to unload the freight. The driver is not
responsible to back into your driveway. The artificial grass roll is huge and
heavy, so make sure you get additional people to help.

If you've any concerns about freight costs, don't hesitate to contact our

sales team. We are glad to assist you with any issues or concerns you
might have.

Don’t plan ahead until you have it.
• We are not responsible for the costs associated
with the rescheduled installation due to delays in the supply of the
component. Please do not plan your installer until the product is in your

Shipment Damages:
While we aim to ensure that any order delivers in one piece, if external
damage is apparent upon arrival, kindly be sure to mention every broken
roll on the driver's shipping invoice and recommend taking pictures for

• Whenever you see any damage, please contact us immediately. Damages not

reported within 45 days after the date of receipt would be invalid.

• When there is an issue or an inconsistency with your turf, please contact us

first, before you unroll the turf. If the turf will have to be returned to us, the
freight companies need the turf to be rolled in a particular manner. Rollin the
turf for delivery can be quite challenging to do without getting the correct
materials/machine on hand.

• Concealed damage is the term used by the freight firm to identify the

internal damage to the shipment. Concealed damage is normally hard to find
out when it’s delivered. Freight companies are giving a relatively short
window time to report this kind of injury. Please make sure you unroll the
roll and find out any damage as soon as possible. Recommended to take a
picture as part of the documentation.

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